Capture the Essence of Your Adventure Abroad in La Antigua Guatemala!

Are you traveling to Antigua Guatemala and you would like to take the an everlastingsouvenir with you? Great! Because we have thought about it too and we would love to help you make your wishes come true!


Welcome to one of the most photogenic cities in Latin America

FotoBookers is  now offering a Travel Photography experience in which you will not have to worry about asking strangers for a photo of you and your favorite person in front of the Cathedral Church or not even worry about carrying a selfie stick at all! Is there anything better than get to know a local professional photographer and just worry about wearing nice clothes and make a nice pose? Because that’s exactly what we would like you to do.

Hire a local professional photographer and take your travel or engagement photos back with you and immortalize your favorite moments in this amazing city.


Meet Jennifer, your personal photographer in La Antigua Guatemala.


Vacation shoot start at $300 for an hour shoot. 
 Proposal packages start at $350 for an hour shoot.


Shoot Routes

  • Central Market.
  • Calle del Arco.
  • Palacio de los Capitanes Generales.
  • Cathedral Church.
  • Tanque de la Unión
  • & Secret Hidden Gems that only a local would know!


© Photo by Jennifer Lara from FotoBookers.


La Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as a number of ruins of colonial churches. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Antigua is one of the most-visited destinations in the country. In addition to friendly locals, great food and loads of touristic attractions, this amazing city is one of the most photogenic ones in the entire country. It is indeed a special valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes that makes Antigua an authentic gem.

As most of our visitors, we’re totally sure you would like to stay here forever! But no worries, you can make it a reality by bringing your memories back home by choosing your favorite places to be photographed at and get special and unique photos for the rest of your days.


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